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Hydration Electrolyte Premium Recovery Blend

Key Product Features:

KEEP YOUR CELLS HYDRATED: Packed with 3x more potassium citrate for fast hydration, this specifically designed formula to replenish the lost electrolytes helps muscle cramps and muscle and nerve functions. This Formula combination replenishes energy levels.

HYDRATION: Hydration Electrolyte, our great tasting, non-GMO electrolyte drink mix, is powered by the key Vitamins to help the body to stay hydrated faster and more efficiently than water alone. Strawberry Punch flavor is one of the great tasting flavors we have created

PERFORMANCE: This Hydration Electrolyte Powder helps you get ready for your next game or workout by replenishing your cellular with key vitamins to provide the energy your body craves to be at its best. The prime choice in restoring your electrolyte balance and promote energy recovery.

MORE POTASSIUM & ELECTROLYTES: Whether you're in you're daily work routine, hitting the weights, cardio, or want to enhance your overall endurance of our Hydration premium electrolyte recovery blend is your primary choice to hydrate after, during, or before your routines workouts, or anytime you need it.

ZERO ADDED SUGAR, KETO-FRIENDLY: Focus DTW formula is designed with No added sugars, carbs. allowing you in normal blood sugars levels for Ketosis.